Success Story: Sahar Gharachorlou Is Breaking Barriers & Changing Lives Through Coaching

Our audience is keen about reading stories of entrepreneurs creating a difference in the world. Your profile speaks volumes of the outstanding work you have done. Enlighten us about what you do.

I am Sahar Gharachorlou, an Iranian origin who is now an Indian national. I am a Life & holistic health Coach where I hand-hold people and facilitate them to walk through their own limiting beliefs and reach the triumph. Life Coaching is about motivation, self-development and goal achieving which cannot be possible without a deep understanding of who we truly are. Since I am trained in more than 62 Metaphysical and energy work therapies, I always have a unique combination of Soul, mind, body therapy tailor-made for my clients.

I worked for 12 years with different MNCs at senior management level. I left the corporate in 2010 to answer the SOS call of my soul which was reaching out to people who were in any form of pain and life dis-function”.

Picture: Sahar Gharachorlou

Tell us how you created this brand and what was the sole idea behind it.

I am currently working on training more therapists and Life coaches. I see we have enough naysayers, the world needs more of motivators who really know their job and know how to hold the space for people and help them achieve their dreams. Life Coaching should actually start in schools. We have a very aware next generation and they need proper guidance. If we can shape them up in schools, we won’t have many adults on antidepressant pills.

Another project I am working on is my second book! My first book which is like a handbook of spiritual ‘ Not To Do’s’ is now in print and should be available in the market in a couple of months. Since the show must go on, I am working on my second book which is about the Law of Attraction and it’s correlations with other universal Laws.

Picture: Sahar Gharachorlou

Your story is something many readers would surely relate to. Now, go in detail and tell us about how your brand works.

My dreams are to make life coaching available to all masses and for that, we need life coaches from all walks of life with different backgrounds. I am also working on a pilot project aiming at eventually launching a regular class as a part of the curriculum with a couple of schools and colleges in Chandigarh where we teach children and young adults to be self-sufficient and self-dependent when it comes to handling life situations and so-called crisis. It’s important that children feel empowered and capable of handling life.

What is your giveaway idea through this interview?

Our life is a result of our choices, our choices are the result of our self-awareness! Stay focused and know you own everything in your life, the good, the bad and the ugly and only you can change it and recreate it.

Since it is your life, any amount if investment in yourself and in upgrading yourself in terms of money, time and energy is absolutely worth! If you don’t do it for yourself and don’t believe you deserve a better life who will?

Picture: Sahar Gharachorlou

Explain the challenges you went through while you were working on brand creation. What are the challenges you go through on an everyday basis?

One of the biggest challenges has been that people don’t trust us because there are many who claim to do the same thing but are not trained or experienced enough. The other challenge is they want to immediately make a Guru out of you. And they do that because they want short cuts in everything. Life coaches and therapists are not Gurus, they are only facilitators. And there are no short cuts eventually you have to pull up your pants and do your part.

Picture: Sahar Gharachorlou

How do you manage your finances through the services you offer. Any fundings etc received?

My workshops, classes and one on one works are paid, which take care of the finances. We do not receive funding. In fact, we have a small community called “helping hands society” where we try to reach out to people in need. I wish to develop on this aspect and make it a wing where people are trained in skills that can help them for life. As of now, we support causes and also the education of children with financial difficulties.

Tell us your future vision about the brand. How far do you want to take it? What is your dream about taking it to the next level?

Even though I am a Life Coach but I am not very ambitious! I work like its service and don’t work because I have to build an empire out of it. My soul calling is in writing, traveling and connecting with more people. So I dream of writing and reaching out to more people through my books and of course seminars ( which is my passion) with a team of trained coaches! It’s important to have a balance between what feeds your soul (your calling) and what feeds your mind (your passion).

Picture: Sahar Gharachorlou

What message would you like to give to anybody who has a plan of creating something of their own and making a living through it?

Have a dream and believe in it! Don’t listen to negative talks. If you desire it, and if you are persistent with your thirst to know more of your own potency and a hunger to serve, the Universe will open doors. Just be patient, diligent, persistent and committed to your vision.


What is women empowerment according to you. What it means to be a woman in the coaching business and establishing yourself.

Well, I don’t believe in women empowerment. Women are powerful beyond measure, what they need is a harmonious valuable coexistence. Not only in coaching but also when I was in corporate, I realized 90% of my energy was wasted to prove myself as someone equally capable but today as a life coach I realize it was ‘my need’ to be seen as equal whereas, it wasn’t really necessary. It was me who felt less and tried to prove herself and today when I know and believe I am neither less nor more, neither better nor worse and I value who I am, the world sees me with honor and equality. I think women need to stop thinking they need to show men their place and they need to be equal to them or need to be compensated equally. Women just need to create their own space where there is no need for any power but only harmony and valuable exchange and intelligent cooperation.

Picture: Sahar Gharachorlou

Here is a beautiful poem by Sahar

In the duality of life where everything is fixed and when the mind’s agendas are all mixed,

I found solace within me,

Discovered “The Divine “ that was like a far fetched sea, was nothing but the polarity in me!

The more I rejected the dark in me, the more I was separated from the light in me!

In duality of life where we were taught to discard the dark, I came face to face with my spark,

Not in the light, not when I was searching it outside, but within me in my dark!”

Sahar has got some great suggestions on staying focused and achieving goals:

✯ Stay focused on your Goals but don’t rush!

✯ Be definite of your Goal and yet be open and willing to receive it in unexpected time and space!

✯ Be determined but allow the Divine Order to pave the way!

✯ Be sure and excited about your ambitions but don’t get rigid and stubborn!

✯ Visualize and feel the final Goal but be kind to yourself on the way!

✯ Keep your thoughts in check, your actions would then follow!

✯ Every obstacle is telling you, you can choose another possibility while you stay focused on your goal.

✯ Remember,’It can be complex but not difficult’.

✯ Also sometimes you need to unlearn the old to learn an easier way.

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