Sharing a Case study from the 2 days Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop!

As we started the workshop, one of the participants told me that she did not know why she was doing the workshop!

She regressed to 3 lifetimes during the health session and found her answers why she could not trust her intuition as well as the reason behind her leg pains.

During the session on finances, she had mentioned that she has no concern about finances neither she desires it.

But the most interesting learning for her was during this session.

She regressed to a lifetime where she was a mountain. A Mighty mountain! ( Isn’t that interesting?)

The mountain consciousness was that of pride and Ego. It believed nothing could shake it. She then was moved to a scene where due to volcanic erruptions everything was shaken, the mountain shape had changed and in a way it was it’s death.

During the #LBL part of session , she was told by the Master that, the lesson of the mountain was; ” To learn and honor the cycle of life and death.”

That life is a cycle, nothing is permanent, nothing can remain forever and we must allow flow of energy and never become the experience but just witness it.

It’s interesting as money is the fastest moving form of physical manifestation of energy. It needs to be recycled all the time. It needs to be in continuous flow.

And so is life!

Rigidity, pride and ego keeps us stuck, forcing life to somehow open the way. Anything forced does not feel so pleasant. ( It’s worth mentioning that legs represent movement and her leg pain indicates resistance to change due to pride and ego). It’s just amazing how we store memories and what a beautiful messenger of Soul, our body is, if we pay attention to the signs.

It’s important to remember death is inevitable so that we can Live fully and fearlessly!

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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