Past Life Regression Case Study :

A mother met me for her son’s two failed relationships. The first wife lived with him for 9 years after which he got to know of multiple affairs she had. The marriage ended up leaving him very disappointed, bitter and betrayed.

He later met a woman, who the mother believed is exactly same as the first wife just in a different shape, size & name. ( What she meant was, they were very similar in ever aspect. She wondered how could he not see the similarity).

She was in despair and felt her son was heading for another disaster. The son had gone ahead and married the lady despite mother’s plight.

She said I want him to be happy, if this is the woman then I want to be sure and if this is not the woman then whatever happens, he should not go through any turmoil.

I had to contact the son and ask if he was okay for me to do a therapy, to which he agreed.

When he came for therapy, he regressed to a lifetime where he was in a palace. He worked there and he was madly in love with a woman ( his current real life sister – later in LBL, he understood, his sister is actually his #soulmate).

The current lifetime mother was the queen, who had a huge sexual appetite and she eyed this man ( client/ son in this life time). When the queen got to know about the love affair between the two of them, she got the lady ( current life sister, raped and then killed). The memory was so painful to the man ( client and the brother in this life), that he chose to never remember and hence his 3rd eye was partially closed ( effecting intuition and awareness).

Later the queen ( present mother), forced him ( since he was a slave in the palace ) to have sexual relationship with her or he had to marry a woman with leprosy ( second wife). He had no choice and gave in to the queen’s request. However, he cursed the queen and the leper woman .

Once healing was done, curse removed ( all curses like anything else, always come back to us in a full circle and keep us entangled to issues that no more serve us). 3rd eye healed, soul loss recovered, the client moved to LBL and it was there, he realized that he kept following the same soul he loved life after life but due to the curse, he could never come as a lover but as brother all the time.

The lessons were reminded and the client said at last :” I can see clearly now”.

During the age regression, he had gone back to one of his painful memories, which was when the sister had got married and he had felt so betrayed, he kept saying ” mam I don’t know why I feel betrayed. She is just getting married but I am not happy and feel betrayed”.

It was only after seeing the past life he understood why he felt so betrayed by sister’s marriage.The soul had got frozen in that lover life and some part of the soul was still stuck in that lifetime.

The life we live is merely an illusion. It’s only about lessons, the faster we learn the better it is. When we get stuck with an experience, we keep coming back with the same theme, same lesson and same souls. Just that the lesson keeps getting harder.

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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