Indifference is the opposite of Love!

For the longest time I believed the opposite of Love was hatred!

Well, that’s not true. Hatred is Love turned hostile, it’s the other pole of the pendulum of Love.

Indifference is the opposite of Love.

Love is ; “involvement, passion, desire of belongingness, deep care and share”.

Hate is not it’s opposite, but it’s the other pole. Hate is about : ” if not mine then no one’s either. In hate you still love, you so desparately desire that, you have gone blind! You can’t get the person off your mind. While love is the constructive energy, hate is the destructive force but same energy. While love seems to be selfless ( because I don’t believe the human love being selfless – at least not as of now) , hate is same energy but selfish ( same energy but now the victim of rejection does not mind his/ her selfishness to be seen) , it’s the defence to protect the broken heart and the false ego shattered by rejection.

Indifference is however, everything opposite to love, the other person genuinely does not matter, like love indifference is true, its not a facade! You don’t care, the person never crosses your mind. It is a different energy directly opposite to Love.

Both Love and hate are overrated, one extremely glorified and the other extremely feared whereas, the true damage is caused to the one who loves by the person who’s indifferent. The middle path is to keep aware! To know your emotions, to know your limitations and also the limitation of the other. To honor all choices (yours and that of the other) and to be able to let go if Love is not happening! Because everyone deserves peace and you are responsible for your own energy, your own joy and your own peace.

Sahar Gharachorlou LifeCoach

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