Help vs Guidance!!

Don’t EVER SEEK Help again!!

As a therapist I usually get a dozen messages a day from people in difficult situations who ask for help!

At some point I realized I had almost become allergic to these messages and I could not understand why was I reacting them so much. They would make me feel sick in the stomach. Till one day I had the AHA moment.

I realized, it was the word ” Help” that was causing the reaction in me. I realized, I did not believe in helping anyone and I felt this term needed to be deleted from our vocabulary.

We help those who are helpless!!

Isn’t it?

When we ask for help, we are creating a huge damage in our system, and I will explain why!

We are announcing to the Universe that, I am helpless that’s why I need help!

With that I am telling my Universe I do not have the power, I am not in charge! I don’t know the way forward!

Every word has energy, how we speak to ourselves and how we feel is what we communicate to the Universe and the Universe would make sure we have more of what we are and what we feel ( Law of Attraction), when we seek help we are helpless!

Let’s choose our vocabulary more consciously! Let’s seek guidance and not help!

Let’s know, believe and assert that we are in charge and with guidance we would move faster.

Delete the word “help” from your vocabulary!

Both for the one seeking help and the one providing help, this word is very dis-empowering!! In fact dangerous.

It makes the one seeking help helpless and the one providing help egoistic! As if he is in a higher position, whereas when we provide guidance we are just a channel of Divine wisdom! Just a medium!!

Let’s choose better intentions, better thoughts and better speech ! Then only we would act in our best capacity!

Love and Light

Sahar Gharachorlou LifeCoach

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