Difference Between Religion and Spirituality!

I am continuously being asked what is the difference between religion and spirituality! I am being asked which religion do I follow?

Since when a person’s religion is bigger than him/ her? Why don’t we see people for who they are, for what they have to offer instead of their religion, social status and how much money they have in their bank account? Why are we constantly trying to check our own value and put something or someone down in order to feel better!

Were we always so disconnected?

I don’t intend to answer the above in this article but I wish to throw some light on what is to be told. What is to be seen, what is to be repeated as many times as it is required till we get it right. I often wonder what would have gone wrong to make us the way we are today!?

And each time, I am amused with the human mind capacity and it’s extreme polarity.It’s ability to create all the chaos and also continuously thriving to resolve the challenges created by itself. This gigantic Mind is so occupied with creating and resolving challenges that it has forgotten how to think and proceed, how to see the real picture, how to ask the questions which is to be asked. That would lead us back home.

I wonder why doesn’t it question the obvious? Such as what is this source that we talk all about ?

Life is like a puzzle but a very simple one, in which the answer is in any of the peices you pick up. The very first piece is the complete answer but only we wish to know . A big IF.

We as human beings have never asked the religions we follow that if God is all loving as you say, then why do we have to do so many rituals to please him?

If it is kind beyond measures and if it is above all attachments then how would he be attached to my little rituals?

If it is so busy taking care of everything and then if nothing happens without his will, then why are people fighting with each other over everything even the kind of food that is best for another?

Why is it that we are told to be good to others, be kind to others, to never lie to others or cheat others but no religion ever taught us not to lie to ourselves, not to hate ourselves, not to damage ourselves?

Have we ever asked, why are we excluded from the goodness of our own acts? And if Karma and heaven and hell or any form of reward or punishment exists, then why are we into God’s business? Why aren’t we or religious people letting God do his job, whenever he does his job?

Why don’t we ask such simple questions?

Why have we allowed man-made stories and religious belief which is nothing but a way of controlling man through fear rule us? If God is all about unity why do we believe because of my religion, my food, my color or even nationality I am superior or inferior to others?

I have told this before, I am saying it again and I will keep on talking about it, till it sinks in, anything is telling you you are better or worse, anything that is causing you fear, anything that dictates how you should live your life is only taking you back to unconsciousness.

There have been religions for ever then why has the human consciousness fallen so low?

Today we have more choices than ever and yet we are a slave to media to tell us what’s best for us, yet we are so unfulfilled, yet we hate ourselves and each other more than ever?


Because they( greedy men and women in power) have trained human mind that way. You and me can create the change, we must create the change, we must break away from this programming and know we are all equal, all unique, all beautiful and all capable of creating beyond our own imagination.

This Universe is about co-operation and not competition!

This Universe is about harmony and not war!

This Universe is about Co-existence and not about, “I & my tribe over you or I & my comfort at the cost of you” !

Can we learn to honor each other? Or at least try?!

We all have been the kings, the beggers, the thieves, the prostitutes, the Priests!! ( In our past lives).

It’s a game, don’t you get it!?

It is just a role, you would be back again no matter how much you achieved to start afresh! The only way you can win is by being you, whom the creator created in his image through his imagination! Stop letting him and yourself down!

Your Mind is your heaven and hell both!

Your intention, your thoughts, your words and your action Can choose the heaven or Hell. No God is sitting up there waiting to reward you or punish You!

Wake up! Live Up! Be the Magic you are meant to Be!

Sahar Gharachorlou LifeCoach

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