Case Study ~ Transgenerational Therapy and Soul Macrocosm Drama

I was contacted for an unusual case of 9 members of the same family being diagnosed with cancer in a span of 1.5 years. By the time they had reached out to me 4 of them were at stage 4 cancer.

The case was too unique to resist.

When the case was opened, it became known that the lady who contacted me was head of a very primitive tribe where they were cannibals. Initially that was the way of life and no one even questioned the ways of the tribe.

It’s only when ( my client) fell in love with a person who was next in line to be served to the tribe that things went wrong. She started telling the tribe why they should not do this practice. She tried to convince the tribe with all her might.

Eventually she failed miserably and herself was killed too but she cursed her immediate family when the painful killing was happening that may you all come back and pay for this pain and I shall see it with my own eyes.

Interestingly everyone in the family has cancer of some organ in the abdomen. Whereas my client herself had had an open heart surgery.

The therapy was done, curse was undone and many other entanglements were released.

She messaged me after a year saying even though they lost 2 members of the family but everyone else is recovering. She continues to do forgiveness and her own medication for the heart condition has reduced to half dosage.

Our heart is the center of love, when we find it hard to forgive and let go, usually it’s the heart that weakens.

We carry memories of the past and every intention, thought, word and act is energy in motion, it would find a way to come back to us.

Be conscious of what you wish for others, you are only ordering a dish for yourself!

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Soul Macrocosm Drama Therapist

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