Case Study ~ Past Life Regression therapy


This is a case in which I was called for intervention as the lady was being harassed by a cousin sister and her paramour for past 2 years. It was effecting her family life as well as business as they were bad-mouthing her.

When the case was opened, the first scene was that she ( my client) had killed her father in law in the past life time because he had seen her with her lover who was her brother in law. ( Father in law of that lifetime was the cousin’s lover in present life).

The body was found by the Co sister ( her cousin sister). Which resulted in she ( my client being discarded by the family and thrown out of her village, she died a miserable and lonely life.

When I asked her to go back to significant event, she managed to understand more details. It was then that, she realized the brother in law’s ( her lover in that lifetime) wife had suspected about their affair and finally she had found out, she then informed the father in law who caught them red handed.

The brother in law and her killed the father in law which later the co-sister disclosed to everyone.

So she was discarded by family and society whereas the entire planning was of the co- sister to take revenge, she later poisoned her own husband too.

She then understood why all the chaos, as both her cousin and her lover are married and when my client had refused to be a part of their story, they had started troubling her and she could not understand why.

The lesson of the lifetime was of boundaries and that it’s important to respect every existing relationships. To be more aware with our feelings and emotions and invest them for the betterment of everyone and not to give in to temptations.

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