Case Study ~ Past Life Regression Therapy

Case Study ~ Past Life Regression Therapy

I was contacted by a lady whose issue was extreme loneliness after she discovered about her loving husband’s affair with her own very best friend.

She also mentioned about her daughter who had been very disobedient and impolite. She said I am such strict teacher and my own daughter has flunked some subjects. Her teenage daughter apparently had been talking to boys and many other issues with her was the cause of worry and also a sense of failure as a mother. She felt lonely, sad and unable to trust her husband again.

Once in trance, she saw her self having long hair in female form floating in water. She mentioned the ocean is so beautiful and mesmerizing and yet so scary. She said, she was not even attempting to swim. She was floating in and out of water.

She was moved back and she saw herself in a mansion, well dressed, a party was going on. She knew she was called Martha. She froze for few seconds and then she said I see a man and a woman kissing in the bedroom. And suddenly she was in the kitchen passing orders and getting the party organized and making sure all was well.

She then saw she and her husband on a ship, she said it was their own ship and at this moment she said it was her husband in this life who was also the husband in the life she was witnessing and he was the one kissing a woman ( apparently her best friend in present life).
And again she was floating in the ocean. She was pushed by the husband. She was so heart broken that she had no zeal to swim or save herself. She drawned and died. When I asked her to go back to the time of her wedding, she knew she had no love for her husband while standing in that small church taking the vows.

She mentioned there was no love and he just wanted me out of the way.

She was then moved to another lifetime where she lived in a very poor neighborhood. Their neighbor Josephine ( best friend from this lifetime) worked at the bar. She ( client) would take care of their daughter ( Josephine and her drunkard husband’s) while Josephine was at work. She felt very bad for Josephine and wanted to help her.

Intuitively I knew the answer was not in this lifetime eitwhr. ( When we have a sense of righteousness and we judge ourselves so much, either we do not go to the root cause of the issue or we keep going to lifetimes of victim hood), so I moved her to another lifetime where she saw herself as a male soldier. He was injured in the war and was transfered to a hospital where a nurse attended to him. He fell in love with the nurse. He was married and had a son. ( Current husband was the wife and present life daughter was the son).

Once he was discharged he went home but he could not take the hurse off his mind. He left his wife and child and went back and started living with the nurse. But slowly the guilt started to creep up and paralyzed his mind completely. His relationship with the nurse became really sad and she left him.

He died a sad, lonely, guilt ridden death. He said the wife had died early and the child was left alone. His son hated him. Tears rolling down, she kept on saying; “I abondoned my family, I am a rotten father”. She said I cursed myself. “How could I be so rotten? How could I abondon my family?”

( Interesting is that she had done the same in this life too but this time to her parents).

It was a very intense lifetime. Therapy was done, curse was released, lifetime had to be reprogrammed.

It is really interesting to wittness each case. Without an iota of doubt, we are a repeat of our old patterns. Unless we change these patterns, we will not be able to create anything new. When we see a past life, we go back and find out the patterns. Once patterns are uncovered, through different techniques and methods we break those patterns and help the client to create new possibilities. It is also important we learn the lessons and never repeat those experiences.

Blessings to All 🙏🏻
Sahar Gharachorlou #LifeCoach

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