Case study – Past life Regression Therapy

This is a case of lady with diabetes.

She had been dealing with the dis-ease for 7 years and always felt it had nothing to do with her life style or genetics.

She told me she had been following my posts for the past 2 years and she knew the health condition was her lesson.

As we regressed to the past, she saw 3 lives of sadness, poverty and what she could call unjust as a female. The last life time she saw, was a very miserable life of a mother who took care of her 7 children, three of her own and 4 of her husband’s other woman.

Despite all that she had done, she was left alone by all 7 children. She died lonely, sad and very bitter with life. Her last dying thought was there is no point in being a nice and sweet person, life anyways poisons you to death.

But this was not the answer. The answer was in the first life she had seen, in which she was subjected to unjust ( as per her) and then she did the same to everyone. The belief was; ‘life is so cruel to me, I would do the same to all. Tit for tat’.

As we resolved the beliefs and their origin and made her see the other side of the coin and why she had chosen the suffering, suddenly her expressions ( during the session) changed.

She felt lighter and she felt she was free to move forward in life.

After she was out of trance, she told me that she is always praised for her baking talents and yet despite all support from family and friends, she always thought to herself ; ” what’s the point of baking cakes when life is so cruel and bitter. It is just another way of fooling ourselves”.

Interesting part is in the first lifetime she owned a bakery which was taken away from her by her husband.

A year later she called to tell me she had started her bakery and that her leg pains have reduced and she is off medicine!

It is truly amazing how we carry so much hatred for self and life while life is always waiting to offer us the best it can.

Only of we dare to search within and transform our own selves!

Happiness to all 🙏🏻

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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