Case Study ~ Past Life Regression Therapy

A young woman contacted me for a session. Looking at her picture I could sense the issues is about an extra marital affair!

This life drama is way too complicated so not getting into it. The matter involved few close relationships.

During the consultation I could feel her panic and that if it’s not addressed asap she may have an episode of anxiety attack or nervous break-down soon. I also could sense and actually see kidneys not functioning as we talked. when I asked about any ailment in the body she said that she had had kidney stones.

Unlike my usual practice I was guided to do the session for her. I could sense the urgency of her guides.

As the case opened 6 past lives were revealed one after the other.

The first one was an Egyptian queen ( 21 years in age), extremely cruel and arrogant.

In that scene a lady begger with her elder son was pleading for merci. The begger’s younger son had stolen a fruit from the royal garden. But the queen kicked her on her forhead while crossing the woman who had bowed down.

The 9 year old child ( her daughter in present life) was taken to prison where he died of malnurishment. His body infested by worms.

The next scene was the queen herself was dying a similar death. She had been to bed with a soldier and the King sent her to similar confinement where she died an ugly death. Lesson of this life was to experience “Direct Karma”. ( It’s important to know we have both direct and indirect karma).

There were then life of a bear and then a snake and a woman in Rajisthan but I knew none of these lives where holding the seed of guilt. The same guilt she was facing due to her relationship which she had been trying to stop with all her might for past 4 years but each time she failed even more miserably.

The last life was where the seed of guilt was hidden.

It was life of a devdasi. A Lord Krishna devotee. She was a free spirit. Dancing, singing and doing what she was doing in absolute joy and devotion.

Another devdasi ( her friend in this lifetime) on the other hand was very sad and always complaining, as a result no man chose her as a companion. She slowly had fallen in love with one of the regular visitors but that man too enjoyed the company of the happy devdasi ( my client). This young lady committed suicide cursing her friend that may you never be fulfilled by a man.

This caused immense guilt in my client in that lifetime and she too slowly drifted into sadness. Her current life husband ( was one of the visitors who became her friend and supported her during her dark nights).

To remove the curse we had to move to another lifetime as it was a pattern from another life.

Finally the work was done. Guilt, curse and the past baggage was healed.

It’s interesting that in all these lifetimes she had come with same set of people.

I then asked her are you hiding or are you protecting yourself with the weight you have out on?

She said she was hiding. She had the same pattern in the devdasi life. After the friend’s suicide and sense of guilt she had put on so much weight.

Our kidneys too store fear and guilt. She had both!

It is so important that we heal and remove what is unwanted and allow our soul and body to realign to the beauty of life, which is of health, abundance and joy!

Atma Namaste 🙏🏻

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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