Case Study ~ Past Life Regression

This is my own very recent past life.

Last year a lady contacted me for her indigestion and anger issues. When I met her for consultation, I just didn’t have a good feeling. So I refused the case politely, nevertheless tried to help her through affirmations. I was certain I did not want her to be a client. ( In the meanwhile each time she would seek help, the feeling of discomfort would get more intense so I started looking at mirrors, reflections & projections as a part of finding what in me was causing this experience, I drew a blank each time).

Starngely each time I would decide I am done with it, she would say something even more wired ( energetically a no match to me at all) till one day when she sent a message, something in my head said; ” Iski koi din, dharam, Imaan nahi hai “. ( She has no credibility of any sorts).

It was strange as my subconscious usually communicates either in English or Persian with me and it was an extremely strong judgement ( very unlike me).

The voice was strong and persistent, causing me uneasy feelings. I didn’t want to have a judgement of someone i barely knew till finally I decided to decode the reason behind it.

“Everything is always about us and not the other person”.

I chose to do a past life regression.

The 1st scene was of me as a female warrior practicing in a palace somewhere in India, I was extremely skillful and had an authority but could not figure out why how I felt and my self assurity was not matching my attire and feelings .

I just felt that’s me but something wasn’t quite right. The kind of practice I was doing should have made me a very lean person but I looked really heavy. I was stuck at that scene for a few seconds indicating the life would be a painful one. When finally I moved to the next scene I saw the same lady ( as a beautiful princess) but something very odd about how she was dressed up, her demeanor and her head ( I had glimpses of snakes rolling over each other at stomach and head area) . Snakes are metaphor for reptilian energy, raw manipulative wisdom), a very irry scene.

To cut the story short, it seemed that through certain practices the one who looked the princess/ queen had taken my place. Proving I was mentally unstable/ and some other stuff. She was the seductress in nature and I was the warrior ( but who never spoke, I expected the truth to unfold). I had been the same my entire life till about 8 months ago where finally I shifted from that space of ego. She had managed to take my place and become the queen in the palace and also managed to be with the king who was my husband taking my place for the riches and through manipulation, spiritual abuse and Sexuality.

I remained miserable waiting for truth to unfold. Too much ego to show I felt rejected. In my own palace I watched her destroy everything.

At my death bed I saw the king sitting by my side, holding my hand & telling me he knew everything and he knew how much I loved him but it was my lesson. My inability to raise my voice against untruth and unjust.

He told me he never bed her and I knew my king was a man of honor and he would never lie. The death was peaceful as my king was by my side and telling me he knew my suffering and he knew I truly loved him. ( I had a feeling he was an aware soul, a king by destiny and a highly evolved soul in his being).

The lesson was to learn to voice when there is injustice and untruth, to fight for my right and to never let my light dim. To have clear boundaries and do not succumb to lower frequency energies if they are not serving me. Love is also about having boundaries.

Its interesting, this beautiful young lady has certain characteristics even now.

Its really amazing how we carry memories of the past. During the consultation I had felt her issue was that she was too materialistic and had control issues. I felt lack consciousness and dishonesty while sharing her details and since it was making me uncomfortable I had told her I was not guided to take her case.

I prey that she heals as I heal myself. Deep Gratitude to her who agreed to cross my path briefly so that I could break a pattern.

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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