Case Study ~ Past Life Regression!

A beautiful young lady met me for her issue of not knowing why she can’t believe that she deserves a good life partner.

As the case opened, first we moved through age regression where the father believed he only knew the right thing and kept on advising her on everything.

Her head was so filled with her father’s suggestibility that she could bearly hear anyone else. The belief that only my father’s way is right had caused her to find every other man inadequate / wrong.

As we moved to the past life, she was moved to a life somewhere in China where as farmer’s son he was extremely nautorios. One day he missed the instructions and caused his father’s death.

In another lifetime where again the same soul ( present life father) was the father, she had not listened to the guidance and had caused damage and death to the family.

In the 3rd lifetime, she was a male Shaman looking at the sea and knowing there is going to be a storm, his intuition was asking him to inform the people so that they could evacuate the shore area but he was so mesmerized by the sea and how the storm was approaching that he forgot to inform and the entire tribe was wiped off other than his teacher ( father in current life).

The message was to listen to your inner knowing and take action as once the Divine wisdom has conveyed what is to be done, it is to be done in Divine Timing.

Since the Teacher (now father) was scared this soul would never do the right thing at the right time, in current life he is continuously telling her what to do and how to do!

The work was done and the past was healed.

Every single case has such a beautiful wisdom hidden in it.

” TRUST YOUR KNOWING AND ACT IN TIME “. The Divine interacts with us through the inner voice, pay attention!

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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