Case Study – Past Life Regression :

This is my own case. One of the most recent past lives I have seen. Short, sweet and precise but answered a very unique question for me.

When I was in class 3, I was 7 years old. In class 3 Volleyball was introduced in our sports curriculum.

I could never play it as I was extremely fearful of the ball hitting my eyes. As a result I would close my eyes or run away from the ball so basically I flunked in sports.

My mother met the teacher and explained her that I was much younger than others and if they could make me do anything other than volleyball to which the teacher had refused.

Later I had a wrist injury while trying to learn the game and finally was excused after a medical certificate was produced. ( This is how the body comes to rescue and tries to tell us something is wrong. Wrist injuries sometimes can indicate a beyond time and space pain).

Few days ago I saw a past life of mine where I was a young (21 years old male) football player. Probably somewhere in South America. I had big dreams for myself with the game. In one of the matches where there was corner shoot from opponent team, I jumped to do a head kick, the ball hit me very hard in the middle of my eyebrows and next thing I knew was that everything turned black.

I was blinded by the football.

It is really interesting that I was crazy about the game. As a young girl I would watch world cups or any football match till wee hours of the day. I remember during my 10th board the Fifa world cup was happening and I watched France Vs. Italy till 6:30 am and left for my exam without sleeping.

But suddenly I lost interest. I would still follow the score but not watch a full match after I finished college.

After 473 of my own past lives and maybe over 5000 cases of Past Life Regression, Inner child and Soul Macrocosm Drama, each time I witness the vastness of our Soul I salute the strength and vigor with which the Soul carries the imprints always trying to find a way to heal itself to freedom.

Happy reading Beautiful people 💝🙏🏻

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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