Case Study – Past Life Regression :

A lady contacted me for her 6 years old daughter who has a rare skin disease. She said doctors have said nothing can be done but to put the child on steroid medication and this would remain the same throughout her life.

When the case opened, I realized we were dealing with multiple issues and more than one session is required however, I am writing about just a part of the work.

The regression took her to a time where the mother was a bird nesting on an old tree under which a very old sage used to meditate. One day the sage was in deep meditation and believed that he was in Samadhi & a near liberation stage in his journey .

The mother bird felt a threat towards her laid eggs in the nest and she started making noise to scare the predator bird who was around her nest . The sage was disturbed and got very annoyed. He moved the tree so badly that the nest fell and all 3 eggs broke. The sage then cursed with so much rage, shouting at the mother bird ;” that it’s because of you, the eggs are broken”.

In this lifetime during the consultation the mother had told me, she was close to her father and lost him in an accident when she was very young . She was very close to her maternal aunt and lost her too at an early age.

The belief of the bird in that lifetime that because of me my loved ones die/ get destroyed, (which the mother carries now as a soul imprint) is : ” I am the cause of death to whoever I love the most”.

Hence, when father and the maternal aunt died, the subconscious became more fearful of losing the loved ones. And now next in line is of course the daughter.

Our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense, nothing can get inside the body as such, unless it goes through the skin. The child being so disturbed by the over protective mother and her mother’s subconscious fear, trying to protect herself from allowing the fear of death to get into her and also choosing this disease to help the mother to finally heal. So that she can breathe freedom of being who she is without any imposed fear of the mother .

It is amazing how we carry the pain a roos time and space and how the Universe brings us challenges to help us heal.

Each time I do a case, it’s a profound learning. So deeply grateful for being a witness to so much wisdom.

Happy reading!

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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