Case Study – Past Life Regression

A gentleman approached me with a unique problem of having immense pain during intimacy. He said the problem was so intense that, he always used excuses not to be intimate.

As he regressed to a past life, he saw himself as a landlord who had many slaves. He only allowed female slaves to work on his farms and he would sexually abuse the helpless poor women. He said he had about 200 women working for him. He felt he was doing them a favor and he owned them, so there was no question of consent.

He then moved to another lifetime where he was a king, very egoistic and he was so proud of being a man that he would eye any woman he fancied and he would make sure he had them. After intimacy he would either sell them as slaves or make them undergo very rigerous work and most of them died malnourished. The king soon realized despite his huge sexual appetite he had not had a heir. But this realization came after one of the women had cursed him and told him that you may never have a heir. He ordered her killing, later to realize she was pregnant with his heir.

The guilt, the shame and the fear of never being able to have a heir was what he had carried to the present lifetime. Once the healing was done and session was concluded, he also realized that, in this lifetime he had developed a dis-ease in order to avoid intimacy.

We are a sum total of our past and we carry the energy imprints. Each time we don’t learn our lesson, the lesson only gets tougher.

He had to learn to honor boundaries.

I wish him happiness and good health.

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Past Life Regression Therapist

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