Case Study – Inner Child Therapy! WombStage Healing!

A lady contacted me for her issue with weight!

She mentioned that no amount of exercise and diet ( including crash diets, slow diets etc) has made any difference to her. She said she had been only putting on weight for the past 10-12 years.

She felt completely disconnected with her body, so much so she was ashamed of her body, intimacy with her husband was a task even after 15 years of marriage.

During consultation, I felt this would have been an inner child issue and had nothing to do with a past life. When we went back to the womb stage, she could sense her mother talking to a man other than her father. She knew, he was the gynecologist with whom the mother had an affair.

It was during one of the mother’s visit that the mother had mentioned how she wished to get rid of the child. She had used the following exact words, ” How I wish I could throw this garbage out of my body “. Apparently the mother did not love her husband ( father of my subject) and anything related to him was garbage to her.

Since then, the child started to feel she is so dirty and so unworthy of love. Her own mother knows and believes she is garbage then she probably is.

This had caused the subject to grow an extremely reserved, shy and incapable person ( even though she is an amazing administrator but she never saw her qualities).

The subject could easily understand her emotions and how she has always felt about herself and her body and how everything was related to the mother’s statement.

Therapy and healing was done, few days ago I met her after a gap of 8 months for another issue, she had lost over 10 kilos.

It’s interesting how we record every single word, memory, thought and even intent and then the protective mind help us shield ourselves against something that may not even be true.

Therapies are deep work that help clear and remove thoughts, beliefs and habits that are no more serving us and they can help us recreate our life.

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Inner Child Therapist

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