Case Study ~ Inner child Therapy

I was contacted for a case of a schizophrenic young girl with extreme OCD. She would bathe four to five hours a day. She was also addicted to porn chat which parents were not aware of while she was clinically diagnosed as schizophrenic.

It took about 15 sessions and a fun year of life coaching, out of which I am sharing a brief of first few sessions. ( Inner child Therapy is a very deep and intense work and usually requires a minimum of 7-10 sessions).

When the case opened, there was a very strong female entity attached to the subject. Once the foreign entity was taken care of, we moved to inner child Therapy.

During inner child, it was diagnosed that since the mother was a working mother and father had more available time, the child spent most of the time with father, he was the one who would bathe her. There was some form of abuse that had happened due to which this young woman had developed OCD and she would take 4-5 hours a day cleaning her private parts. She believed she was a very dirty and impure girl.

It was also diagnosed other perpetrators too( an elder cousin and a male attendant) had violated her physically and sexually, which had resulted in soul loss leading to schizophrenia and foreign energy attachments.

As we unfolded and healed the pain of the inner child layer by layer her condition started to improve, the voice in her head stopped.

Her OCD became very marginal however her porn-chat addiction continued.

A few more sessions and the cause was diagnosed as the need to feel in control, this was the only platform that she felt in control and since she was using black net, she felt completely unknow/ safe and in charge.

A year of Life Coaching, she is finally addiction free, restarted her studies and has been able to forgive a couple of her perpetrators. Still a long way to go but a journey surely worth every effort!

I urge parents, specially mothers to take motherhood a bit more seriously and attend workshops on #conscious_parenting. Our children are a reflection of who we are and our environment. We must pay attention and remain aware at all times.

Their safety is our responsibility, a responsibility we must honor!

May no child ever goes through such pain. May all children be always safe and in absolute health. May we have more conscious parents.

Love and Light 💖

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Inner Child Therapist

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