Case study ~ Inner child Therapy

A lady with a very strong career background contacted me as she had been just laid off by her company. She had another pattern of always thinking her knowledge and skills were not upto the mark hence, she would not be appreciated/ promoted like anyone else, resulting in her putting in 10 times more effort and no recognition.

As we got talking during the consultation, I had felt the issue was more about feeling of ” I do not belong here”.

As we got into the Therapy while doing age regression, she could identify 3 childhood incidents where she was left behind by extended family, ill treated and made feel not good enough. But what was more interesting was the association of all these experiences with the feeling ” I am not good enough to belong here”.

Her association stemmed from a childhood conditioning imposed by paternal family who were very upset with her father. Her father being a very famous and hardworking physician did not practice for money but to help the needy and poor. He was out casted by his own family members because of his constant contact with lower castes ( as per his family orientation).This little child had picked up the energy and she herself felt discarded. “Feeling my skills are not good enough for me to fit in” . She had made her father’s story hers.

The therapy was done, tears were rolling and a new her was emerging. She reported the next day that she could surrender more easily and was pampering herself and best was someone had called her to discus a new position in another company without her putting in any effort as yet.

We are complexed net of consciousness, it is important we live with our own story! It’s important to know where and how we lost ourselves and pave our way back to our joyous, powerful self that we are.

Aloha Blessings dear ones 💞

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Inner Child Therapist

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