Case study – Inner Child Therapy :

Law of Attraction says we attract what we are! This principle sometimes works even in attracting the type of clients that we as therapists meet.

I met a lady who felt that she had several unresolved issues. While talking to her I could sense the energy of her mother.

I asked her how about telling me about her mother to which she replied : “I have been seeing mom around since morning”. As we talked I realized many of her beliefs did not really belong to her. Certain therapies were done and she left.

One such belief was I need to work hard and be a good girl. Her association of working hard to be good reminded me of myself. I had had a similar association and I myself had been working very hard.

After she left, since it was way too beyond lunch time I decided to drop my yoga class and instead sleep.

I woke up to her message saying : ” Thank you so much, today I took an afternoon nap out of choice and woke up without guilt of having been rested for the first time in my life and it feels so awesome.”

Well, I too slept without being guilty of rest that day!

There are so many reasons why I love doing what I do but more than anything else, it’s the beauty of each story. The wisdom behind each complexity and the easy, fast disentanglements of all those stuff that no more serve us.

Our life is a result of all of that we have ever been and all the people we have ever encountered. When you let go off who you are not, you discover the beauty of your Soul. Unapologetically loving yourself simply because you DESERVE!

Light and Blessings 💖

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Inner Child Therapist

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