Case Study ~ Family Constellation and Soul Macrocosm Drama

A lady in her mid 50’s contacted me for her marital issues. The husband is alcoholic and very abusive. Her complaint was that he demeans her at all times irrespective of place and people.

Once we opened the case, it became evident even though extremely polite and well spoken, my client never saw anyone as capable. At the subconscious level of mind she saw everyone too small for her attention. She believed everyone is good for nothing and that she was the only one who knew it all and could do it all.

Basically too much pride and ego and the need to control everyone.

As we moved further, we witnessed that she has been using her Masculine essence in order to stay on top of matters and control every situation and person according to her beliefs and judgement of them, as a result her husband and her first son were sick and tired of this mental and emotional (nonverbal) abuse that was happening at the energy level.

This constellation had beautiful messages, one such message was that, when we are in a feminine role we need to operate from that aspect of our being which is nurturing, supporting, the one that holds everyone in family together and not who controls everyone’s life.

The other powerful lesson was about Divine Timing. She was to rectify this challenge 24 years ago and her denial of the problem had caused her son to become aggressive and mentally disturbed where even medication was not effective anymore and also led to husband becoming alcoholic. ( People with addiction issue are escaping a reality they feel they can no more control, usually a pain they can no more deal with).

Third lesson was when we don’t play our role and when we do not honor Universe ways of creation and process of life, we create suffering for everyone.

Pay attention, every challenge is telling you that something needs fixing. Denial of a challenge does not resolve it.

☑ Learn to live and let live.

Light and Blessings

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach

Family Constellation and Soul Macrocosm Drama Therapist

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