Ascended Master’s Messages for the Week of April 23rd to 30th, 2019:

You have worked hard and perhaps at this moment you feel a bit scattered and drained. Masters urge you to be persistent and focus on the vision that you have.

Don’t give in to small little obstacles. Don’t get overwhelmed with the quantum of the work at hand. Break down your goal into mini goals and take continuous steps even if they feel very tiny ones. Remember every step is a step closer to what you had once envisioned.

They want you to know and remember ‘Perfectionism’ is the other side of the coin of procrastination, so if perfection is your excuse, you know what you need to work on.

Stay positive, stay calm!

Remain focused, many positive changes are on the way. Some may feel totally out of your comfort zone but you need to trust the Divine. You are being pushed because you have much more potential than you can possibly imagine at this moment.

Welcome the change and allow yourself to move forward! Its time for fabulous, exciting positive changes! Live it gracefully.

Tip for better focus : Practice 5 minutes of candle gazing everyday.

Affirmation : ” As I renew my energies, I welcome the new with total ease and joy. I am in Grace “.

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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