Ascended Master’s Messages for the Second Week of September :

This year in India we have had a very generous monsoon. Element of water has been furiously cleansing the environment for us.

The Masters this week are asking you to follow the nature. The first half of this year may have been a slightly difficult time in terms of relationships, shifts and changes. In specific our relationship with ourselves has been turbulent. Many old habits, beliefs came back on surface after all the work we have been doing to show us our shadows, and it hasn’t been very comforting to witness our dark or see the residues still working at the subconscious mind which can easily get triggered.

There would have been conflict and confusion for some because ; ” As within so without”. Our environment has been reflecting our inner state of being.

But then that’s how the Universe is, when it is time, then no one can escape it. Many of us also have become aware of repeating patterns and addictions to maybe social media, even addiction to healing and spiritual work which is more of escape now instead of what it’s purpose was meant to be.

So Masters are telling you, it’s so much easier to clean up your system now because we have made you see Clearly now .

Take the help of the element of water and let the water help you clear these last residues.

Detox your body. You can either have 3 days water fasting or just increase your water intake. Bless your water before drinking.

Pay gratitude to the element of water for helping you cleanse your home, body and emotions.

Longer showers or bubble baths are soothing to the nerves and also help you heal emotions and hormonal imbalances.

You can go for a swim, dip your feet in Salt water or just sit by a water body and allow the calm and cleansing nature of water help you calm down so you can have more clarity in your life and make better decisions.

The good news is after this, it’s time to manifest.

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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