Ascended Master’s Messages for the Month of October

The Masters are wondering if you are really paying attention to what the Universe is trying to tell you?

They are asking you if you are listening?

Meditate or go on a silent retreat, indulge in a hobby where you would be alone, do whatever it takes to silent your mind as the Universe is trying to reach out to you and communicate with you.

Unless you listen, you would not be able to differentiate your truth from the illusions you have created.

Watch out for signs, there are your beings of light, your masters and Angels who are waiting to help you see the truth.

Seek the answers to your questions and then Listen! The aches and pains in your body or relationship are trying to tell you something. Admit your true feelings, listen to how your body is feeling, pay attention. This is the time of introspection, find out what is it that you truly desire and if you are ready to receive it?

Listen, The Universe is knocking, unless you hear the knock you can’t open the door to know what’s on the other side.

Affirmation : I admit my need to escape, I am willing to face my truth.

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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