Ascended Master’s Messages for the Month of April 2019:

The month of April suggests that it’s now time to get back on your feet, use the experience from all your set backs, pay Gratitude for such profound learnings and march forward!

This is the month when the Universe is asking you to take charge of your life, your experiences and know that, you are the only one who can change the situation.

The Masters urge you to remember the only reason you have had the life you have been living is because you asked for it, in order to learn your pending lessons and get equipped for the next magnificent phase of your life.

You have been given the responsibility to not only take care of yourself and your life but also thrive for better experiences as you move forward.

Ask and you shall receive!!

So ask for ease, joy and Grace and be grateful so that once the doors of Abundance open up, your attitude of thankfulness, kindness and compassion keeps the flow in full fledge.

Get up & Take Charge! Because You Can!

Affirmation : ” As I learn from the past and take charge of my life, I thrive for a brilliant future in here and now “.

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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