Ascended Masters Messages for the 4th week of September :

The Masters bring your attention to your situation and remind you that whatever situation you are in, is a result of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Remember most our beliefs are doormant in our subconscious mind which we may not be aware of, however they would be powerful energy pulls.

The Masters urge you to remind yourself the Universal Law of Attraction principle of ” Like Attracts Like”.

There can not be anything in your life that at some level does not match your frequency. Whether it is people, situations or habits.

Just know ; you can change any situation by changing your thoughts about the situation or perhaps by a deeper introspection. Everything has a brilliance behind it, and you must shift your focus on that aspect if you truly wish to change the situation.

A new wonderful situation is awaiting you, a new wonderful person is entering your life, just be open to let the unwanted to be dropped so that there is space for new.

You can also change the old by changing how you see them, change your perception and allow the situation to heal and start afresh with an intention of healing and starting afresh.

Use any of the below affirmations that resonates with you to expedite the process.

” I am willing to let go, I am willing to receive new beautiful gifts “.

” I am open to Universal support and I trust the flow of Life “.

” I step into”The New” with ease”.

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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