Ascended Masters Messages for the 3rd week of September :

The message for this week is rather interesting. The Masters are nudging you to remember that you, in this reality are dealing with polarity and are of polarity.

It does not matter if you are male or female, you have both Masculine and Feminine within. Despite having both energies within, it is important you honor your role as who you are, that is if you are a man or a woman in physical form you need to honor it. There is a reason the Devine has created you that way.

The situation you are in is a result of your unhealed wounds of the Masculine. Whether you are a male or female, the Masculine aspect of you which represents authority and logic, protection and skillfulness needs healing. Your relationship with your environment and people could be the result of the imbalance of the feminine and the Masculine within .

Find out where your energy has been disturbed and take measures to align your heart center with your knowing.

Meditation can help you see which beliefs are causing you this situation.

To provide, is Masculine but when it becomes a need or when providing overwhelmed you or burdens you due to too many responsibilities, then it is an indication of the Masculine being out of balance. A conflict with authority of any form is too the result of the Masculine within that has been disempowered.

Take help and heal these aspects of your life and the Masters support you to move forward. Blessings to All.

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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