Ascended Master’s Message for the week of 24th – 31st Dec 2018 :

The Masters urge you to let go off your resistance! If you feel boredom and sadness, if you feel disconnected and disoriented, it is because you are resisting the flow of Life!

The entire Universe is thriving with growth and expansion at all time. If you have become stagnant and feel lost, its because you have stood in the middle of the way , trying to block this powerful force called Life.

Instead you need to trust it and flow with it, it knows where to take you and at what pace.

To move out of resistance, realign yourself to fun! Do all that you do for the fun of it, not out of compulsion and see your life transform!

Affirmation to release resistance : ” As I let go off my stubborn resistance, I align with the flow of life. I am safely joyous”.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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