Ascended Masters Message for the week 24th – 31st Jan 2019!

The Masters remind us that we are in the most fertile time zone at this moment of time!

Whatever you have in mind, those ideas, that project, the love of your life… Whatever it is, if you take steps towards actualizing them, your dreams would be fulfilled with least effort. Just make sure your intention is clear and for highest good of all, make sure you are focused and grounded in your ideas and that you have a concrete plan.

This is a period of good news, all the past efforts and hard work you have put in, starts to pay off. It may not be in the manner you have perceived in your mind, but it surely is much better than you thought or could imagine. The key is let go off your idea of compensation and allow the Universe to shower you with abundance!

Have a Magical week everyone!

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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