Ascended Masters Message for forth week of October 24th to 31st Oct 2018:

The Masters have a beautiful way of communicating with us. This week they wish to remind you that you have been made the way you have been made for a purpose and that you are perfect and beautiful in your uniqueness. Accept and acknowledge yourself for who you are, nothing is ever bad, dark or ugly and neither are you!

The most important part of your progress whether personally, professionally or spiritually lies in your acceptance of who you truly are. You may wish to improvise from a space of Awareness but you need to stop judging yourself.

First accept and then decide to allow others to see you as who you truly are. The facade that we create is out of the fear of rejection and abandonment. The Masters assure you, the more you become who you truly are, the more genuine and authentic relationships you would develop.

Be persistent with your growth, with your goals, with your dreams, but remain You at all times!

Love yourself so that you allow others to love you for who you are!

Blessings be with you ✨

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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