Ascended Master’s Message for 4th week of August :

In the recent month or so, many of us have felt stuck in situations that have been draining , despite all the positive reads , talks and self work , something seems to be bothering us at mental , emotional and even physical level . A part of it can be due to the energy shifts that are happening clubbed with the Mercury retrograde which has now come to an end , helping you to center yourself again and realign to the energy shift .

The Masters have a very clear message for you this week , they want you to step away from Drama . If something is being repeated and you have not found a solution or are not able to find a solution , it means that is your drama . So Stop !

Avoid being involved in other’s stories , avoid gossiping and wasting your energy on others . Stay in your own business and know only wisdom can resolve conflict .

Step away and look at every situation , ask if this is about you , if not , then drop it .Ask yourself do you really need the situation to go on forever? If it is painful , change it . If you don’t want to change it , then stop the drama . Accept it .

Choose being authentic , choose better options even if moving from your comfort zone is tough , but unless you move away from this drama , the situation would remain the same . Know that you have created it , and ONLY you can change it .

Sahar Gharachorlou Therapist & LifeCoach

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